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So I end up having to turn it off through the settings. Well, I'm a bit confused and maybe late for the party. Off please let me know! However, the app does access iOS settings which is a violation of Apple's app guidelines. Until Apple gets around to changing things hopefully in iOS 6?

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The reason for the demand is obvious. Reports suggest the data-slurping tool has been rendered useless -- but no-one knows how. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. While undeniably convenient especially if the U. So I did some looking on Google.

However, it does offer a connect button. Apple Apple denies breach in celebrity iCloud 'hack'. Bluetooth OnOff offers a simple solution to one of the biggest iPhone complaints -- the ability to activate and deactivate your bluetooth easily. Nice but when you Disconnect it doesn't work at all!

Bluetooth OnOff

How to get the most money onnoff your old iPhone. Best Apple iPad Pro alternatives you can buy right now. This application saves you time by allowing you to toggle your bluetooth settings just by launching the app.

Even though the app seems to be in violation of Apple's App Store guidelines, it has managed to survive for six days now. Unless, of course I'm doing something wrong? This is the best app I've bought this year.

Mobility How to get the most money for your old iPhone. So any advice is welcome.

Bluetooth OnOff: the latest round in the Apple vs innovators game

I mean there is only one button that says Connect and then it will turn to DisConnect. Thankfully, I have the app squirreled safely away in my iTunes library, and if you read our original post about the app, you will already have it, too. However, that particular app is no longer available in the States.

When you first download the app, it does have lnoff conect button and a seemingly useless chat feature to - just like the On Off app zpp post was originally talking about.

Get Bluetooth On∕Off - Microsoft Store

It's unknown whether Apple will pull the app or let it remain, but to be safe, you should probably act quickly.

It's almost like Apple went out of its way to bury the setting so people bluetolth find it. But it's also ridiculously expensive and runs iOS. Why Apple doesn't have this functionality already is beyond me. Dear Samsung endorsers, please stop using iPhones.

Here's what you need to know. The rumors ahead of Apple's Oct. There is a crappy peer-to-peer messaging feature in there, too, but who would ever use that? So to get to Bluetooth I have to: Heck, Bluetooth isn't even a top-level Setting like Wi-Fi is! This means it will probably be pulled. Second, I might be wrong, but this app which hasn't yet been removed from the App Store might be the beginning of a radical shift in the way Apple verifies and sometimes arbitrarily rejects applications.

Bluetooth is a relatively mainstream feature since the advent of the wireless headset and increasingly tougher anti-mobile phone legislation in the U. Meanwhile, I don't recommend the Bluetooth On.

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