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Batman is the primary protagonist of the game's storyline. It was released digitally in February , with the first print release featuring a collection of the digital issues in March It features the ability to play up to 2 player simultaneously as either Batman or Robin. I loved the crime scene investigations. It was released on iOS on July 14,

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December 20, NA: I do like the younger, angrier Batman we get to play as in Origins.

List of Batman video games - Wikipedia

Retrieved October 4, It's also a very complete-feeling vision of Batman's universe, which I appreciate.

James Horan [ citation needed ] [30]. Arkham VRwhich bames once again developed by Rocksteady. We had to bring him back" Tweet.

October 15, EU: XboxMicrosoft WindowsPlayStation 3. This is consistent with Mortal Kombat's graphics at the time. August 25, EU: June 19, EU: While it was only a momentary bit of narrative, the Hush sidequest had a neat and clever resolution, too.

This game is a platformer in which the player alternates between using Superman and Batman for each level.

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It was coded by and released by Ocean Software. Archived from the original on November 6, The video game version of Batman Begins was published by Electronic Arts.

The titular villain isn't particularly good, and they recast the Scarecrow in a way that made him sound way too similar to Hugo Strange in Arkham City, meaning the main narrative gamws a bit of City's menace and direction.

I get that this focus and the brilliant, memorable Scarecrow sequences makes Asylum a popular choice, but it's a flawed game compared to the others in my opinion. Match Day's Jon Ritman".

List of Batman video games

Retrieved October 27, — via Twitter. Batman has to stop criminals who are unleashed on the streets of Gotham City. The final fight with The Joker is kind of bad. Archived from the original on By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. ROMs of the beta version can be found on the Internet.

Arkham Asylumfocuses on Batman trying to prevent the Joker from destroying Gotham City after he takes control of Arkham Asylumand he is forced to contend with numerous other villains he has incarcerated along the way. Gods Among Us Injustice 2. In addition, 8-page digital-first interludes were released to expand on the story included in the miniseries, were written once again by Dini as well as Derek Fridolfs and drawn by a variety of artists.

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Retrieved September 12, Arkham Underworld lets gamers take control of Gotham's underground on iPhone". The stories spin directly out of events in the game itself, or are flashbacks to events prior to either game, allowing expansion on the background of the characters as they may have existed pre- Arkham City.

Grey DeLisle [54] [55]. Arkham Knight for PC Reviews". Batman is first seen battling Deadshot.

Doing those autopsies was disturbing, and even as someone who's read a bunch of comics featuring Professor Pyg, his reveal was a total surprise. November 16, EU:

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