3par mpio windows 2003

Through consolidation onto the massively parallel and dynamically-tiered 3PAR Storage, individual user groups and applications achieve greater storage service levels performance, availability, and functionality than pre-consolidation levels with less infrastructure. Can u clarify me one more doubt i have? Autonomic provisioning features eliminate traditional storage planning by delivering instant, application-tailored provisioning.

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During the user-specified retention period, volumes and copies can be read but are protected against deletion, even by an administrator with the highest level user privileges.

Can u clarify me one more doubt i have? System Reporter enables quick troubleshooting and isolation of performance issues minimizing business impact. Is your organization looking to implement stricter data governance practices, or do you need to protect data from deletion to facilitate electronic discovery eDiscovery? Is your Hyper-V backup solution disruptive or does recovery lack the granularity to restore individual files?

A single array-based local key authenticates access to the data being read m;io written to the drives, with no performance impact. Adaptive Optimization Software delivers the next generation in autonomic storage tiering by taking a fine-grained, highly automated approach to service level optimization.

Can you explain me why i am not getting the LoadBalance value?

With an easy-to-use graphical user interface these snapshots can then be used to quickly restore Exchange instances or databases, or to non-disruptively back them up to tape for near-continuous data protection. Would you like to give your VMware administrators superior control over data protection and recovery along with precise insight into underlying storage resources to improve their efficiency?

Fast, reliable backup and recovery to tape is made possible through integration with Symantec NetBackup. Call a Specialist Today! Can anybody suggest me how could i configure MPIO in ? Are your storage requirements and demands constantly moving? The OS simplifies storage management by handling provisioning and change management autonomically—intelligently, at a subsystem level, and without administrator intervention.

To ensure limited access, Policy Manager is installed on a customer-provided server. Is my understanding correct? Remove From Winvows Forums.

Would you like to do away with traditional storage planning? Simple administration and affordability make MPIO for Windows an ideal solution for enhancing performance and reliability in Microsoft Windows environments. Fine-grained virtualization of lower-level components and wide striping of data ensure that service levels remain high and predictable, even as the use of the system grows or in the event of a component failure.

Host Explorer uses this connection to automate host discovery and collection of detailed host configuration information critical to speeding storage provisioning and simplifying maintenance.

File Services and Storage. Policy-driven, granular data movement takes place autonomically, providing highly reliable, non-disruptive, cost-optimized storage tiering at the sub-volume level to deliver the right QoS to the right data at the right time on a large wndows. Policy Manager also serves as the centralized point for collecting and storing audit logs of all diagnostic data transfers and npio remote service connections to and from all devices managed by the software.

Virtual Domains is ideal for both internal and external storage service providers, and for any enterprise deploying a converged infrastructure.

This logical deletion of data without actually freeing up unused space creates a hidden utilization penalty that can really add up over time.

Configuring MPIO on Windows server

You have the comfort of knowing that all data contained on these drives is protected against unauthorized access, including media or hardware theft, tampering, accidental corruption and more. Dynamic Optimization analyzes how volumes on the HP 3PAR Storage system are using physical disk space and makes intelligent, autonomic adjustments to ensure optimal volume distribution and tiering of storage volumes.

This unified security offering allows both internal and external storage service providers a secure consolidated environment and the flexibility and efficiently of protecting data from intentional or unintentional deletion. With Thin Conversion, a technology refresh no longer requires a terabyte-for-terabyte replacement, but instead offers the opportunity to reduce capacity requirements by 50 percent or more without the 3oar to invest in professional services.

Virtual Lock Software gives users the ability to protect data volumes and volume copies from windoes or unintentional deletions. winows

What I winfows do to improve the capacity efficiency of my legacy storage volumes without complex data migration or professional services? It creates and manages hundreds of application-consistent, reservationless, snapshots of SQL databases.

From recovery to mpi the 3PAR Application Suite for VMware can streamline the planning, implementation and operation of your virtual infrastructure. This suite rebalances, redistributes and refreshes storage non-disruptively with features that provide autonomic storage tiering, dynamic data mobility, assured performance, reducing cost and increasing agility in multi-tenant environments.

These snapshots can then be used to quickly restore Exchange instances or databases, or to non-disruptively back them up to tape for near-continuous data protection.

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