Down ii a bustle in your hedgerow

Streams Videos All Posts. Where I'm Going Pepper Keenan. Each has its own qualities, and there aren't too many of one variety in a row before it changes to another, keeping the album interesting throughout. They even use an organ! Here the influences are used more as a crutch than a springboard.

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So, there we have it, Down's second and best album, still quite boring in some places, but overall a solid release. Another song I'd consider a classic is "Ghosts Along The Mississippi", a track you certainly don't hear hedgeeow - with some absolutely beautiful guitar work.

A final note must go to Phil Anselmo, who shows that he can sing with a lot more feeling and variation than he ever did or will do on the Pantera albums, delivering what probably is his most outstanding vocal performance so far. It's a very soothing acoustic piece featuring weird instrumentsAnselmo yor "Haunted" in the background, and an eerie voice or choir chanting the same thing. Hopefully in time, people will dowh what a great album this is.

There were few bands that sounded similar other than the bandmembers' main bands and it was refreshing to hear a supergroup actually do something new. However, even though the riffing is heavier, a fair part of it still isn't overtly moving. It starts out with a nice bass intro courtesy of Rex and kicks into a nice, fast riff by the sludge masters Pepper and Kirk.

Now, a third reason I believe this record never got the coverage it needed was because the band didn't 'market' this record as they should have.

This is one of the reasons that supergroups seem to fail so often. If however, you enjoy southern, stoner rock and sometimes mindless lyrics about New Orleans, suicidal struggles - all coupled with some of the heaviest riffage you'll ever hear out of a rock record, and some classic rock type solos - then this is something you must check out. Rumor has it that this album was recorded in a haze of marijuana smoke and other narcotics in Phil's house in Louisiana in a couple of months.

It took a while for this album ypur grow on me, but now I can safely hedegrow that its tracks get a number of spins from me. First of all, the lyrics here speak of darkness - on behalf of Phil Anselmo, this is a time of serious drug abuse, hedonism and absolute recklessness. The album picks up once again with "New Orleans Is a Dying Whore", which is, in my opinion, the heaviest and perhaps best song on the entire album.

Each has its own qualities, and there aren't too many of one variety in a row before it changes to another, keeping the album interesting throughout.

Phil's vocal style is pretty aggressive on there. My comment about 'Learn from this Mistake' making me sleepy is because it's the first song that strips back the fuzz and aggression to loping Southern country clean guitars and definitively lazy soloing, spreading out comfortably to over seven minutes.

After a six year hiatus, the members youd stoner metal side project Down finally found the time to record their follow-up to 's NOLA, which had over the years had become an underground classic. Pepper Keenan 's shtick is a holdover from the last couple of Corrosion of Conformity discs, and except for the fact that Anselmo is a much better singer than Keenan and the material is far darker than he usually takes jedgerow main project youf, much of Down II could have appeared on a new Corrosion of Conformity album and few would have blinked an eye.

Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow

I consider this album to be a diamond in the rough in the metal scene. But if anything, it finally paid off. Can get a bit tedious though. The blame, oddly enough, doesn't belong to Anselmo.

Down - Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

It seems difficult to comprehend how a supergroup that released such an amazing debut can sink so low for their second release. It was the attitude of when Zeppelin made Zeppelin IV or the feeling of what was on Black Sabbath's mind when they were doing Sabotage.

The riffs are almost universally pedestrian and the acoustic songs are boring as hell. Down's music is a blend of traditional, stoner, and sludge metal, wrapped up with a heavy dose of blues.

A Bustle in Your Hedgerow isn't going to pummel you with sludgy riffs and bong rips like Nola did, but if you like your metal a little bit more on the laid back and experimental side, you can't go wrong with what's offered here. Ghosts Along the Yohr. Considering the short twenty-eight days it took to record, the production is notably better than the first album. Streams Videos All Posts.

Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow - Wikipedia

As anyone in the music industry will tell you, it is the single which draws more people to listen to your record, period. The band had no other obligations or distractions to defer them from what mattered most; a sophomore album that sees the youd sacrificing heaviness for songwriting, diversity, and some actual fucking instrumentation as opposed to centering riffs around open chord structures.

Their history has been somewhat scattered, firstly because they were a side project of the infamous Phil Anselmo one reason why they got so much attention to begin withand secondly because they seemed to release a record every decade. The lyrics here are sub-par and often rather boring, which is odd because the third Down album had great lyrics, although by contrast the song titles are actually fairly awesome. And these guys know how to do it right.

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