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If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days. Safety barrier management and risk assessment: Fifteen workers were killed and more than others were injured in the Texas City refinery explosion in March, Below are the four latest issues.

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By Novemberdrafts for every installation had been submitted to the Repory and by November all had been accepted. Some signs were treated as commonplace or misread as innocuous so there was no corrective or preventive action.

As a result he recommends that the safety regulations with regard to offshore operations be completely rewritten to allow for more site-specific and flexible application of safety system designs. After the publication of the Feport Report Cullen, on the Piper Alpha tragedy, the offshore industry conducted a great deal of research directed toward understanding the characteristics of hydrocarbon explosions.

The public inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster

Email alerts New issue alert. A numerical fire simulation approach for effectiveness analysis of fire safety measures in floating liquefied natural gas facilities.

Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. In repogt cases there was no investigation, the signs did not give rise to concern, or even curiosity.

Citing articles via Google Scholar. National Regulation, Global Challenges. Alpah In or Create an Account. Eleven workers were killed in the Gulf of Mexico explosion inwith a resultant spill of millions of barrels of oil, largely considered to be the worst environmental disaster in US history.

They could elect, by secret ballot every two years, someone to represent them in dealings with the installation management on health and safety and to establish safety committees on each platform.


A project management issue of new technology developments: He spent the best part of two years poring over aloha details of the night and taking evidence from huge numbers of people. Standard opening times Monday. Catastrophic failures mounted to cause the initial explosion, and other shortcomings contributed to the situation deteriorating as quickly and fatally as it did.

Lessons from a cross-industry review of safety case practices. The result was the adoption of a goal-setting safety regime that changed the face of offshore safety.

Secondly, a failure to give priority to safety and thirdly a failure to show or instil in others the responsibility for identifying and resolving safety issues. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The explosion was caused by an ignition of an oil vapour cloud due to an overflow from a piece of processing equipment. Despite these efforts, the Deepwater Horizon pipper occurred in the Erport of Mexico on the 20th of April, Catch up on the latest news, views and jobs from The Chemical Engineer.

Warnings missed He found that shortcomings in the handover between shifts and in the execution of the permit to work system meant operators were unaware that the valve, which alphq have prevented the leak, was not in place. Start new search Print Discovery help Bookmark. Article PDF first page preview.

Below are the four latest issues.

Piecing together precisely what happened, why it happened and how to prevent another Piper Alpha happening again took Lord Cullen two years and pages. Scottish Law Officers represented the public interest. This is a clear example of how things can change for the better when people work together.

They are comprehensive pieces of work which provide full details of the arrangements for managing health and safety and controlling major accident hazards. A Legally Constructed Underclass of Workers? You could not be signed in. At a higher level, warning signs in the months and years leading up to the disaster were missed and not acted upon.

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