Fortigate 60c firmware

Am I correct to say that this hardware can't be upgrade to 5. IPv6 Firewall Addresses Example: View More Photo Galleries. Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

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Some examples of useful information are the following:. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Firmware images for all FortiGate units is available on the Fortinet Customer Support website, https: I can't confirm that upgrade path from 5. What I have I think it would be, 5.

Fortigate E memory FortiClient 5. Without a support contract I am unable to download a new image to fortgate onto it. Some devices take quite some time to boot up, so it may just appear to be frozen. As per the firmware upgrade patch page https: Submit a new link.

If you're having a problem with a Fortinet product, first, make sure you submit your request to Fortinet TAC if you have a valid support contract. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Fortigate 60C What version is firmware lastest | Fortinet Technical Discussion Forums

I have tried the option to "Boot with backup firmware and set as default", but after reboot it hangs at "initializing firewall". Fortigate 60C - Need Firmware Image self. Want to add to the discussion? Ede " Kernel panic: Each release notes would tell you what version you can fortjgate it from. View More Photo Galleries. But look like the new firmware upgrade patch tool doesn't allow to select source firmware prior to 5.

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If the boot process reaches "initializing firewall" then the device does have a firmware image on it. Yeah, I wondered about that. IPv4 Firewall Addresses Example: KVM vm-kvm-create-vm vm-kvm-fgt-cfg vm-power-on-kvm Deployment example: Sounds like the previous owner wrote the test firmware to memory Terms of Service Privacy Policy. IPv6 Address Group Example: VMware vm-ovf-file-open-with-vSphere vm-vmware-fgt-cfg vm-tp-vmware vm-ha-vmware power-on-vm-vm-ware Deployment example: Submit a new text post.

Here you can ask for help, share tips and tricks, and discuss anything related to Fortinet and Fortinet Products. Am I correct to say that this hardware can't be upgrade to 5.

It's behaving odd, I can configure things from the CLI, but I am unable to access the web interface for some reason, even after setting access through http and https. Some examples of useful information are the following: Essentials Only Full Version.

Firmware Backing up the current configuration Restoring a configuration file Downloading firmware Testing new firmware before installing Upgrading the firmware - web-based manager Upgrading the firmware - CLI Installing firmware from a system reboot using the CLI Reverting to a previous firmware version - web-based manager Reverting to a previous firmware version - CLI Configuration revision Controlled upgrade.

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